Brian Coleman, is a 40 year old gay man. Born and raised in Galax, VA. He is currently the General Manager of The Biltmore Greensboro Hotel in downtown Greensboro since 2011. He is blessed to have been with his partner for 7 years.

He moved to Greensboro in 1998 and got involved in the local bar scene and female impression (drag), Ms. Fuscia Rage. He has been involved in the performing arts since high school. Drag gave him the chance to meet and talk to a lot of different people in our community. Drag also gave him the chance to be crowned Miss Triad Pride 2012. It was this that truly got him involved in our community. Being in the bar scene gave him a unique perspective.

Brian is proud to be able to be apart of an organization that brings understanding and encouragement to members of our beautiful community. He is looking forward to the new Greensboro Pride (Triad Pride) and A.R.T. Things have changed for our community, and feels that is amazing.

“We have many more roads to go and challenges ahead. We will continue to show the world our pride and respect for others. I encourage you to get involved in some way to push our cause forward, no good deed is to small. Reach out to anyone that may seem in need of a helping hand.”