posted : June 8, 2016

In light of some recent events, The Greensboro Pride Organization and Board of Directors would like to publicly and officially announce our standing in the matters that have ascended over the course of the last week.
Prior to the event held on Saturday, June 4th at Chemistry Night Club known as Out Greensboro, there was a cancellation of entertainment that was booked with Derrick Barry. For reasons unknown to the Greensboro Pride Organization, staff and associates of this venue made the decision to abandon the contract held with Derrick Barry and pursue other entertainment for their event. We would like for all of our family and friends to fully understand that the Greensboro Pride organization had ABSOLUTELY NO INVOLVEMENT with any planning, booking, negotiating or contracting of any sort associated with Chemistry’s event, Out Greensboro. This private event was communicated to us as a charitable fundraiser for this year’s upcoming Pride in September. As a non-profit organization, we were thrilled with the offer and accepted it as thankfully as we could. This was the furthest extent of our involvement with this event. Greensboro Pride does not condone or agree in any way with public shaming and embarrassment of any kind. The actions that followed both on social media as well as publicly at the event were unbeknownst to the Pride Board of Directors and volunteers. We believe in honest and open communication and are ashamed at actions taken by others to publicly embarrass or shame ANYONE involved with this event and any event related. Our community has fought for many years against those who have bullied, harmed and misunderstood us and it pains us to see this happening within our own community. We have reached out to both Derrick Barry and his manager Michael Benedetti with our sincerest apologies and have worked in every way possible to mend the broken ties among the LGBTQA community that have arisen from the recent events. We are incredibly remorseful for the defaced banner that was used with our logo, and would like for everyone to recognize our lack of involvement with the actions that led up to and occurred at Out Greensboro. We would also like to reiterate our stance on our involvement with the parties responsible. Greensboro Pride Organization and Board of Directors WILL NOT work with or entertain any prospective businesses or individuals that display a blatant lack of respect for ANYONE in our community or otherwise. We will not work with anyone who uses unprofessional tactics in their day to day business and we will NEVER excuse behaviors that degrade anyone from any walk of life. We can only hope that our local community and family abroad will understand. We hope that everyone in the LGBTQA community worldwide will take a moment to reflect on the consequences of their actions BEFORE such actions take such a harmful route. Thank you to all and we look forward to seeing you Saturday, September 17th as we take over Elm Street for the second year!!