Kayt has lived in Greensboro her entire life. She identifies as a lesbian female and her preferred pronouns are ‘she and her’. She and her wife have been married since July of 2015. They currently reside in Greensboro with their 3 dogs and 1 cat.

Kayt’s focus Greensboro Pride board is to elevate inclusive behaviors, create visibility across the entire spectrum, and to add comprehensive visibility to LGBTQA- friendly healthcare resources that exist within the Triad.  She feels it is important that we collect and provide information regarding not only HIV/AIDS awareness and healthcare, but also mental, women’s, and fertility and adoption resources. she currently works for one of the largest diagnostics laboratories in the nation as a project manager for customer solutions. She serves internally as a national advocate for LGBTQA representation within the corporation on the Pride Employee Business Network. Kayt is excited to utilize her platform to make the connections needed to provide closure in the gaps of healthcare disparities on a local level outside of her workplace community and really begin to make an impact in the community that has fostered and enabled her development and growth her entire life.

Historically, she has participated and considers herself to be an advocate for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, BLM movements, religious freedoms and Transgender rights. She has spent time, recreationally, professionally, and in classroom settings, understanding her privilege and whiteness in order to become a tool and a resource in helping to fight the good fight in the right way.