• Emily Merchant 
    • Emily Merchant is a senior at UNC Greensboro. She is a Media Studies major with minors in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and New Media and Design. In artistic endeavors, Emily is inspired by film, music, and the enduring power of queer love and friendship. In the future, she hopes to pursue a creative path that also allows her to help people.
    • Instagram: @emily.annm
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  • Jayson Stephens (he/him)
    • Jayson Stephens is an up and coming black graphic designer that goes by the black wasabi. He is currently a student at UNCG and striving to become a big name in the graphic design industry. The black wasabi’s main art mediums are digital art, collage, and photography. He’s recently done photography projects like Masked Portraiture and he also does freelance work like logo designs and shirt designs. you can message the black wasabi at
  • Ananya Bernardo (she/her)
    • Ananya Chiara Bernardo (she/her) is a 22-year-old, queer visual artist from Silver Spring, Maryland. She mostly works with silkscreen prints but enjoys exploring other mediums like textiles, collage, ceramics and digital art. Her work uses bright colors to delve into personal and societal issues dealing with emotionality. She looks forward to continue using her art as a voice for her experience as a queer woman of color. 
    • Follow her on instagram @aihc.inan.
  • Sierra Blackwell (she/her)
    • Sierra Blackwell is currently a MSA student at UNC. Art is an enormous part of her life but they find themselves most at home with watercolors. Sierra currently does work as a graphic designer and tutor at UNC Greensboro in addition to freelance work. She describes her work as “extremely volatile and ever changing.” 
    • Instagram: @sbgal.lery
    • Facebook: sierrabgallery