Greensboro Pride Parade

The inaugural Greensboro Pride Parade is scheduled for 6:00pm on Saturday, June 27, 2020 in downtown Greensboro. We are not accepting vendors for this parade, only groups looking to walk, dance, or have a vehicle/float in the parade.

Parade registration costs:

  • Non-profit on foot: $50
  • Non-profit vechile/float: $100
  • For-profit on foot: $100
  • For-profit vehicle/float: $150

Special Information for City of Greensboro Parades

A) Throwing Candy and Other Items to Spectators.

Fthe safety of spectators and the parade participants, throwing candy (or any other items) is
not permitted under any circumstances. If participants would like to distribute candy or other
giveaways, they are encouraged to walk along the side of the route and hand them to spectators.
The parade organizer must convey this policy to all parade participants.

B) Motorized Vehicles
-Scooters and motorcycles are not permitted to be ridden but can be hitched and displayed on a trailer.
-Squealing of tires and “burnouts” are strictly unacceptable. This is an unsafe activity.
-Golf carts and gators are not permitted on the street unless it is officially closed. These are not properly registered and insured motor vehicles. When the street is open to motor vehicles, golf carts and gators must stay off the street.
-Any participant not following these rules will be removed from the parade, at a very minimum.

C) Parked Vehicles on Parade Routes
To insure the safety of participants and spectators, vehicles cannot park along parade routes.
To execute this requirement:
-Parade organizers are required to contract with a towing company.
-The City of Greensboro will bag the meters along the route with “No Parking” bags the night before the parade.
-We require that parade organizers also attach a flyer to meters, stating the date and time of the event and that towing will be enforced.
-Just prior to the parade start, either the organizer or police will report and tow those parked along the route.

D) Participants Riding Floats or Cars
-Parade participants are strictly prohibited to get on and off of a moving float during the parade. If the float, car, unit is moving, all participants ‘aboard’ must remain seated and/or stabilized by a secure pole.

Parade Application

Parade Application

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